At the boys and girls club we are shaping our lives to guarantee that we have the best future possible. With this blog we want our family, friends, and the community to know what we do behind closed doors Monday through Friday. So every month we will be posting something that we find interesting or something that we find important in our everyday lives. We hope that you enjoy our blog, “TEEN NEWS CENTRAL” as much as we do!

Our daily routine at the club is always different, which is a good thing because that makes everyday fun! The staff always has something new for us to learn and explore each and every day!

In TEEN NEWS CENTER we want others to know how much fun we have day in and day out at the Boys and Girls Club. We want to share what we learn and explore to as many people as possible!

What you can hope to look forward to with this blog is to get inside our doors and get closer with the staff and fellow members of the club!

Thank you for viewing our blog and we hope you enjoy it!

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