Our Daily Activities

Every day at the Boys and Girls Club there are so many activities going on. we as members have so many programs to choose from that we never get bored. We are going to take you through a typical day at our club!

The Game Room: Throughout the day, the game room is somewhere we can go to chill and hang out with our friends. In the game room we have the opportunity to play chess, cards, board games and pool! Pool is probably the most popular out of all the activities in the game room.

Pictured above are some fellow members in the game room hanging out!

The Gym: The gym is a very popular place to go. The staff run different games and activities throughout the day. Basketball and football are probably the most popular games that we like to play. It always seems like there a basketball game going on 24/7.

The Garden: When he weather is nice outside we get to go into our garden. We grow all sorts of yummy and healthy food like peppers and tomatoes and we also have flowers! When the weather isn't so great we get take soil samples and make different garden related things. In the picture below we made a "dirt" cake! Despite what it looked like it was delicious!

Zumba and Dance: Depending on the day of the week we have the opportunity to go upstairs and do zumba and dance or even yoga!

This post was written and photographed by Aubrey, Mia, and Rayne

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