October was a busy month at the Boys and Girls Club. We participated in the downtown Benton coffin races, hosted our 7th annual Justin Moore golden jubilee, took part in lights on afterschool, had an amazing teen night, and celebrated Halloween. We had so much fun and we want to let you know about all of the awesome things that we did!

Coffin Races

This year we participated in the Downtown Benton coffin races for the first time! We went to Home Depot for the supplies and a lady gave us some of the stuff to help decorate the coffin. At the coffin races we got our faces painted like zombies, then we raced our coffin. After that there was a best looking contest and we won that, but we lost the actual race. WE HAD A LOT OF FUN! - Jamie Davis

Justin Moore Golden Jubilee

At the Justin Moore Golden Jubilee our club celebrated 50 years! Justin Moore and other country singers performed for over 1,000 people. The members even got to take part too. Some of us went to the Rivercenter where we got pizza and freetime for almost 2 hours, then when it was time we walked over to the event. When the garage doors opened at the club we walked through all of the people sitting at the tables and told everyone thank you. We had to walk really slow and hold candles. After that we went back to the Rivercenter to hang out until our parents got here to pick us up. IT WAS FUN and our club raised over $150,000! - Jamie Davis

Lights On Afterschool

Lights on afterschool was really fun. We had face-painting in the little kids art room(I was pennywise, and scared one of the staff). In the Tech Lab we made candy corn catapults(and we ate some of it too). There was a dance competition in the gym. Did I mention that I scared one of the staff when I painted my face as pennywise? - Haven Faulkner

Teen Night

Teen night is one of the many fun things we do at the Boys and Girls Club. A few of the Boys and Girls Club members decided to make a drug free poster and 5 people won a trophy for it! The staff members brought Chick-Fil A (since they are one of the Boys and Girls Club’s many sponsors)! It was awesome and many people had a great time! If you weren't there you missed out on the many fun things! It was that great! The desserts were delightful, we had small cheesecakes, icecream, small cookies and cream cakes, frosting covered kettle corn, fruits, and brownies! There were all types of music BLASTING out the speakers! Overall, everyone had a great time eating, dancing, socializing, and having fun! - Cadence Anderson and Trinity Roy


On Halloween there was a costume contest and Haven’s brother won the contest he was dressed up as a Hot Dog and it was pretty funny. There was also a haunted maze and there were staff scaring little children and it was a very fun night! We were pretty tired once we were home!!!!! - Hailey Horton

Thank you for reading our blog! We had a great time at the Boys and Girls Club in October and we hope for many more fun times ahead!

-Boys & Girls Club Members

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