March Riverside Blog

Now that spring break is over we wanted to check in with our friends to see what everyone did over their break. Some people traveled to different places while some people stayed at home and hung out with their friends or napped all week. To find out what everyone did we interviewed different club members about their spring break. Here are their responses.

On spring break I went on a trip to Louisiana. - Izzy

For spring break I spent the whole week with my mom. - Sadie

I went to my friends house over spring break and hung out with them. - Brittlyn

I went my grandparents house on spring break- Noah

I didn’t do anything for spring break. I mostly stayed home and played some games like warzone. - Jake

On spring break I stayed home and slept and ate. I also watched some movies and went to hang out with my friends. - Derek

We went to six flags on spring break and we got to ride roller coasters. - Keely

I slept for my spring break. - Stormy

I went to the lake in Heber Springs. We didn’t go swimming, but we had fun and got to spend time with family and friends. - Bradyn

All I did on spring break was sleep. - Wayne

We hope every one of our members enjoyed their spring break!

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