January's Staff of the Month

Sometimes you may walk into the Boys and Girls Club and notice that there may two staff that look exactly alike. Those two staff would be our favorite twins, Lindsey and Lacy.

Since we love them both equally we could not decide which one to make the solo staff of the month, so we decided to pick them both! They are both so fun and always energetic!

Meet Lindsey and Lacy Jumper

KW: When are y'alls birthday and how old are you both?

Lindsey and Lacy: December 10th, 1999

KW: What is your favorite thing about working at the Boys and Girls Club?

Lindsey: Playing and connecting with the kids

Lacy: I love working with the kids and having an impact on their lives

KW: Do you prefer yoga, cardio, or neither?

Lindsey: neither

Lacy: Cardio

KW: What is your job at the Boys and Girls Club?

Lindsey: To work the gym and the microphone

Lacy: I work in the little kids learning center and help the kids with homework. Also on Thursdays I do SmartMoves with them.

KW: Do you have pets? What kind are they and what are their names?

Lindsey and Lacy: We have a dog named Rayne

KW: What is your favorite color?

Lindsey and Lacy: Blue

KW: What is your favorite song or music group at the moment?

Lindsey and Lacy: Country music

KW: Where do you plan on going to college?

Lindsey: Pulaski Tech University

Lacy: Arkansas State University

KW: How tall are you?

Lindsey: 5'7

Lacy: 5'8

KW: What is your favorite food?

Lindsey: Maxican

Lacy: Sakura

KW: What is the number one thing on your bucket list?

Lindsey and Lacy: Go out of the country

KW: How does it feel to have a identical twin sister?

Lindsey: It doesn't feel any different because I don't know any different

Lacy: I like it because she always drives me around

This interview was conducted by Mia R.

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