February was a busy month at the Boys & Girls Club! We celebrated Valentine's Day, had a dance, played basketball, learned archery, welcomed new staff, and did many fun activities! We hope you enjoy reading about all of the fun things we did this month!

Valentine's Day Dance

In February we celebrated Valentines day with a club-wide Valentines dance!

Members got to dance along to their favorite songs and eat snacks and candy. Every member got to participate in the fun, and here is what they said about it!

The Valentines day dance was very awesome and was the greatest thing the BGC has ever done. I am thankful for the dance party and teen nights. They are very fun. - Blake Anderson

This month I did the funnest thing ever, I went to the dance! At the dance I helped the art teacher pass out candy, helped the learning center teacher pass out drinks, and also helped break down boxes. After that I passed out cookies and went dancing. It was really fun! - Lance Boehm

Marshmallow Challenge

February was also full of many different activities in different classrooms around the club. One of my favorite things we did this month was the marshmallow challenge in the teen tech lab! The winner of the challenge was Cord, Devan, and Cristian. Their tower was 44.5 cm tall! We were only able to use 10 marshmallows, 1 yard of tape, and 40 dry spaghetti noodles. - Haven Faulkner

I also enjoyed the marshmallow challenge this month! We got into groups and had to build the tallest tower with only a certain amount of marshmallows, a lot of dry spaghetti noodles, and some tape. The winners were me, Cristian, and Devan with a height of 44.5 cm! - Cord Nix


Another activity that we have participated in this month is archery. Archery takes place every Wednesday in the gym. We usually have a new person there every time. If we shoot the 12 point circle then we get a piece of candy! And at the end, for effort, we always get a free piece of candy! - Haven Faulkner


Our club’s basketball program has also been going on this month and my team played on Valentine’s Day. I made like 4 out of the 20 points in our game. Our team name is the Lady Bulls. Our game ended up having a tie and both of the teams had to shoot free throws and that ended in a tie. Then they made all of the players on each team shoot from the free throw line and that also ended in a tie. So then we picked one person to shoot for our team and we ended up losing by 1 point. Our team still had fun playing the game. - Jamie Davis

New Staff

Last but not least, February brought new staff to our club! This month Haven Betts became the site-coordinator at our club and we interviewed her so you could get to know her better!

How old are you? 21

What is your favorite part about working at the club so far? Getting to know all the kids.

What is your favorite movie/TV show? Friends

What is your favorite thing to do in your free time? Arts and Crafts

- Interview By: Haven Faulkner

Thank you for reading our February blog! This month was full of fun and excitement and we can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings!

Article By: Haven Faulkner, Blake Anderson, Lance Boehm, Jamie Davis, and Cord Nix.

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