December's Staff of the Month

The month of December is a time of celebration and joy! Although for some families it can be the opposite. Our staff of the month is a staff member that is always so positive to every kid in the building. He always makes sure that every kid he comes in contact with knows that they are important and that they are loved.

Meet Josh Adams

OS: What is your favorite part about working at the Boys and Girls Club?

JA: Getting to spend time with all of the members

OS: How long have you worked at the Boys and Girls Club?

JA: I started in August so 5 months

OS: Were you a member at the Boys and Girls Club?

JA: No I did not

OS: What is your job here at the Boys and Girls Club?

JA: I run athletic programs in the gym and ensure that all club members participate in safe, organized activities.

OS: Where did you grow up?

JA: Benton, Ar

OS: How old are you?

JA: 17

OS: Where are you planning to go to college?

JA: University of Arkansas - Fayetteville

OS: Do you have pets?

JA: Yes, I have a dog named Lilly

OS: If you had to have one last meal what would it be?

JA: Gus' Fried Chicken

OS: What is the number 1 think on your bucket list?

JA: Meet Hank Williams Jr.

This interview was conducted by Olivia S.

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