Program Spotlight: L.O.S.T. Boys

The L.O.S.T. Boys (Leaders Of Society in Training) focuses on life skills and responsibililty for our young men. This program was designed by Officer Drew Brown of the Benton Police Department. He has a passion for this community and our kids. Our goal with this program is to train the future leaders of our society into great men of the future. The program focuses on 4 main attributes: leadership, obedience, survival, and tactics.

L.O.S.T. Boys emphasizs a variety of different skills including: servicing a vehicle, basic first aid, self defense, managing money, fishing, building shelters, firearm safety, and job interview skills. This program is held on Wednesdays and is open to club members in 6th grade and up.

This past month, the L.O.S.T. learned about servicing a vehicle. This included changing a headlight, changing a tire, checking oil levels, and how to change the oil. The members have a hands on opportunity to learn how to perform these skills through the L.O.S.T. Boys program.

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