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The generosity of this community leads the Boys & Girls Clubs of Saline County to consistently ask the question “How do we say thank you”. However, we recently had a Club parent turn this question around. This is Lisa Washington’s story, and her appeal to you.


Lisa is the mother of one of our dear Club members, Zechariah Neal. Zechariah is 12 years old and has been a part of the

Boys & Girls Clubs of Saline County family for 5 years.

Lisa and Zechariah were filmed in a short video

(scan QR code to watch) discussing her experience at

the Club, and all the things the Club provided for her as a mother,

and the opportunities it gave to Zechariah as a member.


She asked herself in reference to what the Club has done for them, “How do you say thank you?”


"How do you say thank you... for providing a place in this

community where my autistic son learned how to be a kid?

I was a helicopter parent. I would love nothing more than to

put my son in a protective bubble and never let him go outside

and play with other kids. The Club is a safe place where

kids are able to learn and grow and explore different

activities after-school and during the summer.

They go on outings and have different sponsored

events and sports and all kinds of things for kids to get

involved in."

"How do you say thank you... for the social skill sets my son learned at the Club? Zechariah was echolalic, which means when asked a question he responded by repeating the question. As any parent would do, I always answered the questions for him. The Club helped Zechariah find his own voice which allowed him room to grow and become more independent. Little by little, he was able to articulate what kind of day he had both at school and at the Club. Our car ride conversations haven’t been the same since!"


"How do you say thank you... to the most amazing staff who care not only about Zechariah, but Zechariah’s mom too? The Club is a place where the kids are truly the heartbeat of the organization and the organization’s reason for “why”. Why they do what they do each day those doors are open. I have never walked in and seen anything less than a smile on their faces. Whether I’m picking him up, or getting information to sign-up for one of their sports programs. It’s easy to see the Staff are not at work to collect a paycheck, but to enrich the lives of the kids they serve."


Lisa wants to extend this question to you personally.


How do you say thank you... to an organization that has served over 120,000 meals and snacks this year to the youth in this community...or provides team sports of all kinds for boys and girls year round...or partners with the City and School District to make this community great...or has kept their doors open to those who need us most for 53 years.

How do you say thank you?

You help us keep going. You invest in the work we are doing, and the members and families we are serving. It’s the perfect time, and we need you.


Please consider making a gift to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Saline County and allowing this Club Staff to invest in many more families like Lisa and Zechariah.


They deserve it.

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